Thursday, 10 March 2011


Have been sleeping worse again lately, after a period of pretty good sleep.  After several nights of little sleep my brain feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool, and I just meander through the day in a trance.  In this unthinking state I sometimes have quite idiotic lapses - real "duh!" moments.  I'm sure everyone has moments like these, but normally I don't and I thought I would note a few of these down for prosperity :)

This morning I was nearly late for work because after breakfast I brushed my teeth and then went into my bedroom to get my phone.  I got undressed and got back into bed and was drifting off to sleep when I realised with a jolt that it was not night time it was the morning.

I bought a few groceries in a shop and went to pay with plastic.  I completely forgot not only the PIN of the card I picked out, but all the other ones too.  I'm normally very good with numbers.

Running slightly late in the morning, I hurried out to my car and went to put my keys in, only to find that I wasn't holding my keys - I was holding my electric toothbrush.

On several occasions I've been driving somewhere and just kept going for miles and miles past my destination (like for 30mins on what should be a 10min journey).

I guess these are pretty mundane things, but they make me laugh :)


Anonymous said...

ROFL! That is good stuff there. I especially liked when you just got back in bed and when you drive for miles for no reason!!
I forget my pin number a lot actually.
I was gonna post this the other day on SW on the dissociation post, but i'll do it here.

I regularly - i mean almost everyday, do this. I leave the house to go to work or anywhere and as i'm walking down the street i suddenly get an urge to look down to check i'm wearing trousers. It's as if i'm so absent-minded that i genuinely wonder if i got fully dressed before leaving the house. yeah...

i love scatter-brained Res, keep it up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Res. Hope you're feeling better. You've been away for a bit so I wondered...

ResCogitans said...

thanks for the concern notme, have gone abroad at the moment for some R&R. austria. it is illegal here to deny the holocaust, so of course when i landed that is the first thing i did in a loud voice to my traveling companion ;) will be back home at the weekend so will post/comment something then.

Anonymous said...

'that is the first thing i did in a loud voice to my traveling companion ;)'

LOL!!!! Enjoy your break Res. :)

Sexy said...

Some very interesting going ons! Do you live in a "gated" community? haha